Meet Alfred

Seamless API documentation and code generation

The modern version of Swagger –
Quickly create OpenAPI definition using a simple interface and Typescript.

Simple UI for modern developer

Alfred has a lightweight, compact, clean and intuitive interface. No need to write hundreds of lines of YAML.

Save time using Typescript for API definition

Use the most popular language for web development. No need to learn anything new.
Easy to pick-up even for beginners.

Generate OpenAPI documentation

Easily create OpenAPI documentation and integrate it to any system you want. Alfred doesn’t lock you in.

Easy collaboration

Alfred is so easy that you can discuss API definition with your clients or teams with no friction. Clarity is the key before development.

Join us to create the #1 tool in the world.

Alfred’s journey has just started. We have plenty of features in our roadmap and we want YOUR feedback.

Join our Slack channel → and let’s create the best tool for your needs. You will also get updates.
Alfred is not clingy so you can leave at any time.


Alfred must bring some value to the table before he can ask for money. It’s still in development (check our roadmap → ) and it should be always free for small projects or solo tinkering developers.

Packed with features

Alfred is cooking feature packed soup. We are not afraid we don’t have all but we are working on it hard. Check our full roadmap → supercharged code generation, versioning, mock APIs and more.
If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us through